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artist The Nighthawks

The Nighthawks
- Over the last 30+ years, The Nighthawks have earned a reputation as one of the best and hardest working bands around. They have gotten their widest acclaim for being one of the first and best white boy blues bands of their generation, and for putting on a great live show. But their acclaim and accomplishments go far beyond that.

They are among the top musical acts to come out of the Washington, D.C. area—and are still based there. They were a roots rock band before there was such a thing as “roots rock.” They play a wide variety of music that has appeal to a diverse audience, mixing the blues, rock and soul—along with rockabilly and swing. They’ve played all over the U.S., with the East Coast and Midwest being particular strongholds. And they’ve toured around the world, establishing especially strong followings in Germany and Japan

Some New Nighthawks

There are two, yes two, new members in the band. Paul Bell is the new guitarist and Johnny Castle is the new bass player. Pete Kanaras has left after a healthy nine years and three albums. Pete is starting a Roots Rock band with some of the members of the great D.C. band Going Going Gone. Jan Zukowski will be leaving after the February European tour and will be joining The Fabulous Hubcaps, the D.C. area’s most famous and popular Oldies band. Danny Morris “Rock This House” on RUF Records. (Danny’s other recording with The Nighthawks, “Trouble,” was re-released on RUF last year.) will play guitar on the Euro tour, which coincides with the re-release of

Pete Ragusa and I have begun rehearsals with Paul and Johnny and we are all quite excited. The band will still be The Nighthawks, with three decades of tradition, but there will be new energy and new voices, both vocal and instrumental.

Already we have added some cool new stuff to classic Hawks material and we will have the opportunity to add new material instantly as well. Those of you familiar with Johnny’s work with Bill Kirchen or Switchblade know his great original tunes as well as his powerful presence on any stage. If you’ve seen Paul with Tommy Lepson or Nils Lofgren you know his strengths as a picker, but already there are whole new dimensions to his playing that we’ve seen (heard) in rehearsal.

First gigs out with the new lineup will be in mid-February (keep track of the current schedule of dates at the web site:

MP3 Sample Tracks:

listen Cat Clothes

listen You Don't Love Me