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artist Garaj Mahal

* When you hear your first Garaj Mahal note, leading into an innovative fusion of funky jazz with a tasty world music flare, all other thoughts leave your mind, as the music takes you on an unforgettable voyage. Fans return almost compulsively to hear Garaj Mahal because they know they will always hear something new, progressive and audience-involved from these four first-class musicians. Between Kai Eckhardt (bass,) Fareed Haque (guitars,) Alan Hertz (drums,) and Eric Levy (keys,) Garaj Mahal combines a century of musical experience to create a sound evolution unclassifiable and always smoking hot.

* Touring extensively since their formation in 2000, Garaj Mahal constantly captures the hearts of new fans, while keeping the dedicated on their dancing toes, with their ability to draw out serious "shut-up-and-listen" jazz grooves. Garaj Mahal’s musical experience allows them to constantly push the envelope of composition and improvisation and the music never stops there. Garaj Mahal’s eclectic sound brings music lovers from various parts of the spectrum together for an experience profoundly different than any currently on the scene.

* Each Garaj Mahal band member dedicates every drop of their education, history, and life-long passion for music to their audience every time they step on stage; their dedication is no surprise when you look at even a few of the talented musicians they’ve shared the stage with over the years, including Sting, Paquito D’Rivera, John MacLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, Steve Kimock, and Bela Fleck. The combination of the talents of guitar and sitar virtuoso Fareed Haque, world-renowned bass master and educator Kai Eckhardt, gospel-inspired funky jazz keyboardist Eric Levy, with consistently in-the-pocket, natural-born drummer Alan Hertz, brings Garaj Mahal fans back again and again.

* Garaj Mahal will release their long-anticipated second studio album, Blueberry Cave, in November 2005. Besides studio work, Garaj Mahal members spend time teaching the next generation, consorting with other musicians, and supporting the live music community. As much as we know you’ll love Blueberry Cave, nothing beats hearing the Garaj Mahal sound evolution live!